SISinf: Expert consultants in health care management systems

Sisinf Equipo Directivo - Lluis Brunet

Lluís Brunet

Graduate in Medicine and Surgery at the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona, and diploma in Hospital Management at ESADE. Wide experience in the development and implementation of computer systems for the health care sector. Expert in public hospital development and consultancy.

Sisinf Equipo Directivo - Jaume Catà

Jaume Catà

Masters Degree in Industry. 28 years of experience in health sector computer systems as head of software development for hospitals and clinics. Technical director of customer support and consultant at SCS for the development of the Integrated Hospital Administration System. Part-time lecturer in programme languages at the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona.

Sisinf Equipo Directivo - Francesc Comallonga

Francesc Comallonga

Qualified Teacher. Expert in management software since 1974 and specifically in the health sector since 1986. He headed up the project to computerise numerous hospitals in the Public Hospital Network (XHUP) and in the Catalan Health Institute (EQUIS), and consultant for numerous health sector projects since 1997.

Sisinf Equipo Directivo - Alfons Puig

Alfons Puig

Graduate in Physics. Over 30 year's experience in IT, in technological fields and software engineering (methods, processes, tools and quality), and in team leadership for the development of analysis and programming tools. Technical coordinator for the DEADA project (European ESPRIT 22933 project) funded by the European Commission and reviewer for the European Commission of the PROTEUS projects.

Sisinf Equipo Directivo - Xavier Roig

Xavier Roig

Industrial Engineer. He has worked on the design of computer applications for the health sector since 1986. He was product manager for the management of health administration for private clinics and clinical analysis laboratories. He has been the task leader and coordinator for the installation of information systems in several organisations such as FREMAP, Teknon Medical Centre and Dr. Echevarne Laboratories.

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