• In such a specific and sensitive sector as Health, in SISinf we believe that acquiring a skilled and motivated human workforce is fundamental in order to achieve the levels of quality that have always distinguished our projects and products.

• Innovation and knowledge are the pillars on which we base our development strategy. That’s the main reason why we provide our staff with all those tools and training sessions necessary to allow us to maintain our competitiveness in such a rapidly changing industry like ours.

• Not less important is to establish a professional relationship with customers, suppliers and partners, but also of fluency and mutual understanding. In this aspect SISinf staff has always stood out for providing a pro-active and maximum cooperation attitude.

• If you are interested in working with us, and there is any of our offers in which you think you can fit in, please sign up and send us your CV.

Job vacancies

  • Sabadell
    Publication date: 30/05/2017

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