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SISinf offers you a complete solution to the challenges of Health Centre management.

It is an integrated IT system made up of several modules allowing you to select the ones best suited to your Clinic’s requirements. It also ensures that any future additional functions can be accommodated into the integrated system. In addition to managing patient movements, the installation of TESIS HCE, allows you to build an electronic medical record for each patient.


  • Hospitalisation read more

    Aware that patient care management does not begin when they are settled on the ward, but from the moment the admission procedure is completed, our product includes a process especially designed for waiting room management. The multitude of insurance companies and the variety of administrative procedures required for each one of them when the patient is admitted presents no problem for the reception staff, since our system allows the possibility to define customised guides for dealing with each insurance company, as well as a powerful system for handling assistance authorisations. With real time information on the Clinic’s occupation level, bed allocation and reservation couldn’t be easier. It cuts the time needed to process patient admission and registration, improving the efficiency of the Admissions Services.

    Description of functions:

    • Patient reception.
    • Room allocation.
    • Waiting list management.
    • Admission confirmation.
    •Transfer notifications.
    • Authorisation requests and monitoring.
    • Confirmation of registration.
    • Recording and management of payments.
    • Recording of changes in the patient’s payment status.
    • Production control.

  • Emergencies read more

    It is becoming ever more vital to have immediate access to reliable and up to date information. The emergency services are no exception. Any delay in updating the actions performed, or in accessing the patients’ medical records can be critical. With this in mind, the Emergency module allows all medical staff working in this service to be actively involved in keeping patient information permanently up to date. The module incorporates a series of alarm mechanisms indicating how critical the patient’s condition is and the execution status of the medical assistance. This set of mechanisms helps medical staff to make the necessary decisions in each case, resulting in a better quality health care service. A powerful security system ensures complete confidentiality of the patients’ sensitive information.

    Description of functions:

    • Patient reception .
    • Box allocation.
    • Census control.
    • Medical instructions.
    • Discharge reports.
    • Patient prioritisation in waiting room.
    • Recording of patient datasheets.
    • Examination requests.
    • Recording of medication costs.
    • Register of medical examinations

  • Outpatients read more

    Correctly planning and managing every type of visit patients make to the Clinic is not always easy to achieve without the aid of a powerful information system. With TESIS-Outpatients not only do we achieve this objective but we also optimise the use of the surgeries assigned to outpatients.
    With TESIS-Outpatients it is possible to devise distinct timetables for each one of the doctor’s surgeries the out-patients visit.
    The list of visit types, as well as the surgeries where they are to take place, is simple to define. It is also possible to configure the different types of authorisations to request from patients, which vary according to insurance company.

    Description of functions:

    • Work schedule planning.
    • Definition of the list of visit types.
    • Payments records.
    • Generation of task lists.
    • Specific procedure for medical check ups.

  • Pre-admissions read more

    TESIS-Preadmissions, acts as a communication chain between the booking of the operating theatre by the surgeon and the clinic’s admissions department.
    Fully integrated into the Operating theatre booking workflow, this module allows the information arising from the requests to perform an operation confirmed by the surgeons to be used to create the patient’s pre-admission sheet, thus reducing the time needed to record patients’ data when they visit the clinic to be admitted. The application makes it possible to establish birth quotas for each gynaecologist in order to organise any possible rearrangements. It includes a budget manager which offers the patient an approximate cost of his or her treatment before being admitted.

    Description of functions:

    • Configuration of budget templates.
    • Budget preparation and printing.
    • Room pre-allocation.
    • Registration of medical and surgery pre-admissions.
    • Pre-admission sheet editing.
    • Generation of the percentage of admission quotas by speciality and/or doctor.

  • Invoicing read more

    If we consider the huge variety of treatments offered at a Clinic, the different costs for each of them depending on the insurance company, the extent of coverage provided by each type of policy, and the doctors’ fees arising from the treatment provided, administration in the Invoicing Department is a highly complex task.
    TESIS-Invoicing will help you resolve all these problems. By running the various health care provision processes, the cost of the treatment is automatically generated and assigned to the patient who receives the care provision.

    Description of functions:

    • Records items to be invoiced.
    • Issues deferred invoices.
    • Records payments received.
    • Records of doctors’ fees.
    • Configuration of insurance cover plans and procedures.
    • Settlement and issuing of doctors’ fees invoices.
    • Transfer of accounting records.

  • Pharmacy read more

    The costs generated by the Pharmacy Department are an important component of the general expenses of any Clinic. The correct management of supplies and purchases, and the ability to dispense single doses, not only saves storage costs but also leads to an enhanced health care provision.
    TESIS-Pharmacy proposes preparing orders based on the consumption and stock levels, and automatically issues the orders via the channel selected by each supplier (mail, fax, etc.) The medication assigned to patients is automatically transferred to their account for subsequent invoicing, a practice which prevents them being charged twice. From a health care point of view, its integration into the International Medical Vade Mecum provides access to directions on usage, interactions with other drugs, recommended dosage and more.

    Description of functions:

    • Purchase management.
    • Supply to departments requesting medicines.
    • Provision of supplies.
    • Prescription, preparation and dispensing of single doses.
    • Control of stocks, inventories and consumption.
    • Stock control on each floor.


  • • Improves and streamlines the administrative and health care services.
  • • Meets Personal Data Protection Law requirements.
  • • The treatments are automatically charged to Invoicing.
  • • Optimises resource management.
  • • Aids processing and tracking of insurance company authorisations.
  • • Improves and guarantees the quality of the health care.

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