SISinf: Expert consultants in health management systems

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    Through our consulting service, SISinf offers you our insight into the health sector and our knowledge of how to implement practical and innovative solutions. This unique insight and knowledge provides our clients with the real support they need to enhance their procedures.

    To achieve excellence when implementing our projects is always the primary concern of our team of consultants; our aim is to provide the very best value to the client's organisation, as well as to our own.

    We uphold deep ethical standards which extend to our complete respect for our clients' confidential information and to our honest analysis of our clients' needs.

    SISinf recommends this consultation service as a worthwhile step prior to introducing a new information system or upgrading an existing one. As a result of the analysis, a series of technological and organisational actions is proposed which will change the way the health centre accesses, analyses and makes practical use of its data.

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    During the implementation stage of any management software, it is essential to provide the end users, in accordance with their role in the organisation, with the knowledge of how to use the new system as efficiently and safely as possible.

    Our software installation team has sufficient knowledge and all the right materials necessary to provide you with all the training you need, with their active participation in the various group and individual training sessions.

    We also offer training programmes in analysis methodologies and in building software.

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    At SISinf we are aware that providing a solution involves not only the product installation. It also requires that we become fully aware of the challenges faced by each organisation, that we propose improvements to the existing information flows and, ultimately, customise the software, developing the application to perfectly match the needs of the organisation.

    SISinf's development method is based on the Unified Process for Software Development (UP) adapted for the use of Unified Modelling Language (UML). UML is a notation for system documentation, allowing the development engineers to design the application and to discuss its implementation with the client.

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    Our commitment does not stop after the installation of the information system; at SISinf we guarantee that our service to you will continue through our support service, which includes maintenance, adjustments and software evolution requirements.

    Our support service may include maintenance to make adjustments, or assist in the future development of the software installed, systems support and database administration. By hiring our support service for the application, you benefit from having the latest version of your product always at your disposal.

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